Nothing Is Too Precious

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Summon: meaning. Search for: meaning. Desire: meaning.

Longing, summon.  Search for, summon. Desire, summon.

(Longing for) Language:
Perceptions Compulsions and Ghosts.

[123 123 123 123- good things and bad things come in groups and symbols, sleep.]

Compulsions to: create. Create meaning, create movement; create anything that breathes- create it while you’re still breathing. You have time while you’re still breathing.

Compulsions to:                                             keep breathing.

While we are dancing we are moving we are breathing we are summoning.
In our bodies we move and in our bodies we are gods.

In our bodies we are better than gods- we are human.
In our bodies we are human.

Nothing is too precious a concept; we are human.