Kaillee Coleman is, above all things, a color fiend. Originally hailing from the deep tropic humidity of Southern Florida, she pulls on long-ingrained traditions- of hurricanes, high tides, and inescapable heat- to investigate the intersection of place and memory. Using visual art, performance, installation, and interventions as living mediums, she archives sensation. Her work is quietly urgent and often light-hearted; a response to the certain, but not altogether unpleasant, erosion of all things.

In her newest series of works, HEART OF THE MATTER, she grapples with an obsessive compulsion towards simplification and translation. Through playful abstraction and an almost obscene attachment to repetition and symbols, she attempts to create a new visual vocabulary for how we experience the passing of a moment, and the bone-deep ways in which inherited knowledge of a place can be conveyed.

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